Our ideology is and always has been centered around the compassion in every project. Everything grows only from the affection and commitment of a human being. We will do everything for you and your project, as long as you are willing to do the same. love multiplies love. We‘re here for you if you know what you want, and we‘re here for you if you dont.

What we offer

Toericht is a creative studio in Zürich, Switzerland run by the designers Siriam Drobik and Remo Schmidheiny. Their studio is providing services in the fields of graphic design, communications, 3D-animation, film and photography as well as interaction design. The breadth of knowledge and experience they have gained in over 10 years of working together gives the duo the confidence to navigate their way boldly through a fast-paced and increasingly complex world.

We offer concept driven design to clients ranging across the cultural spectrum, be it project based or in a full-service capacity. Our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

Both landscape

Siriam Drobik

loves to socialize, listen to (or make) podcasts and music, and go for long, hungover walks on Sundays. Siriam is the artistic and aesthetic heart of toericht and will be a good friend to you during and beyond every project.

Siri landscape

Remo Schmidheiny

is the technical part of toericht. In his free time, he likes to keep up with innovations in technology, experiment with programs or air his head by doing sports or raving until early morning. He will be a good friend to you from the beginning and beyond a project.

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A few of the clients we loved working with

Cash For Trash
Elio Ricca
JUSO St. Gallen
Pro Sieben
Rohner Socks
Saiten Magazin
Seven.One Entertainment
Spagatklub Festival
Stadt St. Gallen
Vamed Switzerland